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Monday, February 8, 2010

Class Test Reflection 1: Cells

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. Project into the future as to how you plan to improve this topic and each of these competency areas.

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


  1. I felt pitiful as i had not studied enough but i still thought i would not fail the test. In the end, i failed it. I should have studied harder, so that i would have at least, passed the test. Next time i would study harder and look at all my mistakes from this test to work on it.

  2. I felt quite upset as I expected more from myself. The god thing is that I passed...slightly.I want to do much better for upcoming tests and study harder for the upcoming tests. I would learn from my mistakes and do well for other tests.

  3. I feel that am weak in remembering methods of answering questions so as to obtain the maximum marks. I did not do enough research on certain topics for example, I did not research enough on cancer cells and the possible cures for it. To compensate for that, I will revise not only the topics on cells, but what I learn in future. I will also refer to previous worksheets and assignments to learn from my mistakes so as to not make similar ones.

    Lim Hao Yang

  4. I feel that the test is actually not too difficult so I should have scored better. I should have revised and read the notes Mr. Low gave us/ put on the blog.

  5. Marcus, Darius, Hao Yang & JieMin --> Please follow the reflection format!

    Mr. Low

  6. Strengths: I can study very well and score well if I put my heart and mind to it
    Weaknesses: I get distracted easily and tend to mix up or forget facts especially when exams are approaching
    Area to improve on: I need to be able to remember facts better and cannot forget them especially when exams are approaching

    Darius Low

  7. Strengths:I do better at questions that require understanding and questions that I learnt through practicals and hands-on experience.
    Weaknesses:I cannot remember facts well and I did not do research on the areas that my other team members did.I also studied only the notes that the teacher gave us and did not take notes.
    Areas to improve on:I need to remember facts better,do research on things that are not taught during the lesson and take my own notes.

  8. Strengths: I would be better if I had really studied.
    Weaknesses: I am not very good at structuring free response answers.
    Areas to improve on: I should have paid more attention during class and pen down notes.

  9. Strengths: I have good memory and can remember what are some of the things that I had read.

    Weaknesses: I am complacent and I don't like to revise my work.

    Area to improve on: To be less complacent and to revise my work as it will help me to refresh my memory, and also help me to remember better.
    Example: The question on radiation therapy, if I had revise, I would have recalled what are some of the other methods to treat cancer and score better.

  10. Strengths: I can remember the notes that the teacher priorities and those that are done through practical are easier to remember.

    Weaknesses: The notes I read are harder to remember as they are separated into many pieces of papers.

    Area to improve on: I should revise more on the notes and remember the important points and I can also do extra revision by finding them on the internet so that my knowledge on the topic can be bigger.

  11. Strengths: I am able to do well if I study properly and revise my notes, the Biology Blog and the websites.

    Weaknesses: I tend to be more forgetful when reading notes on a computer as it is a completely different style of learning and revising. I also tend not to organise my notes properly.

    Areas to improve on: I should try and print out my notes and organise them into a file for easy revision. I should also try finding more information about a certain topic from books or the internet if I'm not clear on the topic. And I must try to study up on the notes until I'm very familiar and not try to remember everything on the morning of the test.

  12. Strengths: I can remember the things I've read on the notes given by my biology teacher.
    Weaknesses: I cannot remember the solutions/chemicals that we add during practical.
    Areas to improve: I will study harder for tests next time and be more careful in the way I phrase the questions. I should also find out extra information on the internet, to expand my knowledge on the topic, and print them out as I can absorb the notes better in hard copy form. I should also take note of the chemicals we are using in practicals. I really hope that I exel in my tests, especially in science, as I know that I can do it.

  13. Strengths: When I revise notes given, I can remember it and be able to give the correct answer to the question.
    Weaknesses: I cannot remember research topics and answers that we had done in class.
    Areas to improve on: I should take down notes in class and make my own notes to help in my revision.

  14. I felt quite upset as i thought that i ought to score better in the test.I am not good at structuring open ended questions. i also have a bad memory, so i find it difficult to memorize the names of the chemical compounds.. I should pay more attention during class. If i had revised, i would have recalled what are the patterns of the dna combination during the test

  15. Strengths:I am quite good at remembering things as I have a photographic memory.
    Weaknesses:I am careless and would make mistakes unknowingly.I also get very confused when it comes to remembering parts of DNA structures.
    Areas to improve:I should concentrate harder and not get easily distracted.

  16. Strengths: Most of the questions I answered correctly were recall questions.
    Weakness: I could not remember the chemical name and the scientific terms.
    Areas to improve on: Read my notes thoroughly so that I do not miss out anything

  17. Strengths: I can learn quickly and gather information during practicals and lessons
    Weakness: I cannot memorize all the information given in the notes and I cannot find the key points in each lesson and practical.
    Areas of improvement: I should organize my information together and do a quick revision of what I had learnt at home. Example: The question on the extraction of DNA. If the process of the experiment and practical was organized, I could have answered the question easily.

  18. i) Strengths: Good at explaining open-ended questions but I think my answers are a bit off as they do not explain straight to the question.
    ii) Weaknesses: Multiple-choice questions, it is very hard to get it correct as it is only right or wrong, know or do not know.
    iii) Areas to improve: I will revise more on using the correct terms to do the open-ended questions. As for MCQ questions, I will try to read up more and do not write C instead of B.

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  20. I am good at remembering certain information like those from question 3 about root hair cell and question 6 about the stem cells. However, I am not good at remembering question answering techniques. I think that I did not do enough research myself like for question 3 about the DNA. I also found it difficult to remember the chemicals used in certain experiments. I will improve by studying harder and remembering the different techniques of answering question. I will note down the different chemicals used for the different experiments' procedures.

    Lim Hao Yang

  21. Strength: I can do the questions which were discussed in class. I am also good at remembering information like question 6 about the stem cells.
    Weakness: I am not good at explaining the open ended questions like question 3 as i may not understand what the question requires me to do and i tend to write the wrong keywords.
    I will improve by revising my notes and more attention in class.

  22. Strength: I am able to plan my time well and finish the whole test in time, unlike my previous exam in primary school.
    Weaknesses: I did not study well for the test and in the end did not do as I had expected.
    Areas to improve: I can improve by studying what I do not know and the main significant points which I need to study but in order to do that, I first need to pay more attention to what my teacher is trying to tell me in class so that I will not miss out the important points. (eg. the things to study and look out for)

  23. Strengths: I read up on the paper material, and paid attention in class. I also tried to memorise most of the science facts.
    Weaknesses: I did not read much of the resources in the internet. Though I tried to remember most of the facts, I forgotten some of the facts, making it hard to answer some of the questions in the blog.
    Things to improve: I must read up more on the internet, and read more out of the worksheets materials.

  24. I think that my strength was that I am able to match the DNA pairs together and answer some questions accurately without any hesitation

    I felt that my weakness was being very careless and not being to answer mt questions properly.( As in incomplete answers like question 3c, 5 and 6a)

    I think that i need to study more, and work harder and study regularly. I can also research on my own on the topics that i am being tested.

    (sorry for the late reply)

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  26. Strengths:My strengths are that if I concentrate and revise for my tests/exams I can score well.
    Weaknesses:My weakness is that I am not careful enough and did not revise properly for the test.
    Areas of improvement:I have to be more careful and not be careless. Also I have to prepare in advance and study at least one week before the test so that I have enough time to revise everything.

    - Jing Jie

  27. My strength is my method of studying, which is summarising the notes into a mind map which is easier to read and also helps me memorise the details. However, I took the test for granted and believed that it would be one of my primary school tests which were easy to get a high score without even studying. My weakness is that I believed the test to be easy and therefore did not revise. I can improve by studying for the test, which i now learn that is not as easy as I thought, and i can also check my work more thoroughly and think out of the box.