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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class Test Reflection 2: Digestion, Respiration & Blood cells

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. Project into the future as to how you plan to improve this topic and each of these competency areas.

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


  1. i) Strengths: I am good at memorising specific cells and their functions and defining processes.

    ii) Weaknesses: I am bad at memorising all the functions of all parts of the digestive system and sometimes get mixed up with different practicals.

    iii) Areas to improve: I will try to construct a mind map for the different parts of the digestive system to help me remember better.

  2. Strengths: I am able to remember the facts very well if I practice attempting to answer questions that might come out in the test and writing out the specific functions of the cells and organs.

    Weaknesses: I tend to forget small little details that is essential to the answer. I also get mixed up easily if I don't read up on the topic.

    Areas to improve: I will try to make my own list of questions that might come out during the test and revise more on the practicals.

  3. Strengths: I am good at remembering facts and notes given when studied a week before. Example: The question on the account of proteins getting digested. I can list out the steps and the procedures that follow.

    Weakness: I am bad at memorizing the reagent or chemical used and the procedure very well. I occasionally get this mixed up, which end up confusing myself.

    Areas to improve: I will try to make more detailed notes so that I can understand better and give the precise yet short answers and elaborate more on my answers.

  4. i) Strengths: I am good at remembering facts and notes given which I studied for a long time.
    ii) Weaknesses: I forgot some answers even though I have studied it before. I also wrote some irrelevant information.
    iii) Areas to improve: I can check my answers to make sure that what I wrote was relevant and true. I can also revise more to remember the notes better.

  5. Strengths: If I study hard enough, I can remember facts and other important information.
    Weakness:I am easily distracted and I did not study hard enough. Also, I am careless and did not check my work.
    Areas to improve: Be more careful and check my work.

  6. Strengths: I am good at facts that had been simplified into points such as a mindmap or broken down into point form.
    Weakness: I cannot process information which is in a chunk. Reading it makes me even more confused.
    Areas to improve: I will put my information in a mindmap so that I can understand how the flow goes.

  7. Strengths: I find that I am able to understand what the question demands for and therefore can present the answer directly.

    Weaknesses: Although I can associate and understand how the facts are related to their functions and how it works, I did not revise for the test. Hence, all my facts are mixed up during the test though the process skill is there. Besides the facts that were not revised, I observed that I also ran out of time during the test. I lacked the management of time and would sometimes spend a lot of time writing a lot for a simple question.

    Areas to improve: I would like to be able to finish the test in time and also to have the time to check my work. In order to do this, I have to plan my time for each question to be done as the time given and the number of questions given in secondary school is very different from the ones given on primary school. I will try not to spend too much time on each question unless it is necessary in the future.

  8. Strengths: I am able to remember notes and answer structured questions properly if I do not rush.

    Weaknesses:I am not really that good at answering questions when I am stressed as I get mixed up with various facts. Also, I may forget important keywords sometimes like in the benedict's test question I did not write preticipate.

    Areas to improve on : I would have to improve on my science notes as some of the information written there are not really htat accurate.

  9. Strengths: I felt that I can remember facts that are taught during the class and I can 'regurgitate' it during the test.
    Weaknesses: I feel that I was quite insecure during the test and I was not sure as to which part of the digestive system it was and I felt that I did not study hard enough for the test.
    3)I think that what I need to improve on is the precision of my answers as i feel that my answers are not very complete, and they are not very precise

  10. Weaknesses: I tend to miss out small details in the answer that makes the whole answer wrong. I study the most resent stuff but sometimes miss out the earlier parts.
    Strength: I usually remember what I learn, with some exceptions and I can learn fast. In panic, I can recall things that I previously forgotten.

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  12. Class 107: Many insightful review of your strengths and weaknesses in studying this chapter. Most of you can strengthen your understanding by designing a Mindmap for digestion and embed those key words/concepts such as 'precipitate', 'transport fat globules', 'gall bladder stores bile', 'respiration occurs in ALL living things', etc.

    Only 10 reflections at 9pm? Where are the rest?

    Mr. Low

  13. Strengths:
    1. I can remember the keywords and facts.
    2. I can remember the practical well.
    3. I know the different functions of the organs and enzymes.
    4. I know the properties of the red blood cells
    1. I am not able to answer with the correct keywords.
    2. I did not further explain the specific function of the structural adaptation of the red blood cell.

    Hao Yang

  14. Strengths: As I said before, I have good memory and can easy remember and absorb informations. I also realised that I am good at planning out my notes in point-form so that I can comprehend it better.

    Weaknesses: I tend to get my facts mixed up and I am also very careless. My mind always seems to blank-out just before the test.

    Areas to improve: I will have to work more on my spelling as i always losing marks due to spelling mistakes. I will also check my work more throughly to avoid careless mistakes.

  15. My Strengths:
    1. I can remember what happens to the nutrients in the food during digestion
    2. I can remember the practical well.
    3. I know the different functions of some of the organs and enzymes.
    4. I know the properties for the red blood cells(they contain haemoglobin....)
    My Weakness:
    1. I am not able to answer with the open ended questions with the correct keywords, thus i get them wrong
    2. i must also check my spelling

  16. Strengths: I can remember the proteins, the enzymes and the final products.

    Weaknesses: I made a few spelling errors and lost a few marks here and there because of incomplete answers.

    Areas to improve on : I would learn all the main keywords throughly and make sure I know how to spell them before I go for the test. I will also revise a few times to better understand the topic.

  17. My Strengths:
    1. I can remember most of the enzymes.
    2. I can remember the notes on the red blood cells.
    My Weaknesses:
    1. I could not remember and state the functions of the stomach, gall bladder, etc.
    2. I nearly forgot all about the practical, the reagent and others.
    Areas to improve on:
    1. Digestion ( Functions )

  18. Strength: I can remember most facts and the notes . I can remember the practical well as i copied them.
    Weakness:I make careless mistakes and sometimes i did not write the keywords.
    Areas of improvement: I can revise my notes more.

  19. Strength: I study hard and can memorise quite well

    Weaknesses: I study too much on one topic to be unable to study on other topics

    Areas on improvement: I should study everyday and very often and not in the last minute to be able to do well for the test/exam

    Darius Low

  20. Strengths:I can remember some facts from the notes as I studied them and can also remember the practicals.I can also remember the processes of which enzymes digest which foods.I can also remember the picture of the villus and label the parts.
    Weaknesses:The alimentary canal is a bit hard to remember as a lot of parts look the same.I also cannot remember some things as I only read through the notes a few days before the test.
    Areas to improve:I can start studying earlier and memorize all the parts and functions of the alimentary canal.

  21. Strength: I am able to memorize the notes using my way of learning.
    Weaknesses: I am lazy and did not revise the notes the night before the exam.

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