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Monday, January 11, 2010

3 questions that you will find interesting with regards to Health Science


  1. 1. Why do viruses exist and how did they come about?
    2. How does viruses mutate naturally?
    3. Why are humans shrinking?

  2. 1. Are viruses part of everyday life?
    2. What Exactly is the other type of twins?
    3. Does AIDs originate from HIV?

  3. 1. How do we get rid of viruses once and for all?
    2. Where do viruses come from?
    3. Why do cells reproduce through cell division and not through
    sexual reproduction like humans?

  4. Where do Viruses come from if they are not living things?
    Who came up with the Cell Theory?
    Where do red blood cells get their colour?

  5. 1. Why is it that not more than ONE sperm can penetrate any single egg?
    2. How do viruses infect a human host?
    3. How is it that HIV virus strain is able to kill the white blood cell when the white blood cell is supposed to kill viruses and bacteria?

  6. 1. How do viruses mutate?
    2. How do the bone marrow form the cells?
    3. How many cells die every second?

  7. How do you extract DNA from cells and then use it in other cells? Is there any cure for HIV/AIDS? Can cells or viruses be made to mutate artificially?

  8. Elgin: what triggers cell mutation / how can we cross breed plants/ how can we semi-clone an animal

  9. Why HIV is not detected by the body?
    What are the cells that prevent viruses from entering it?
    Are stem cells available from other animals?

  10. 1. What are some of the substances that digestive juices contain?
    2. Why and How do viruses mutate?
    3. What are some of the circumstances that the viruses tend to mutate, more easily?

  11. How does a virus enter a cell ?
    Why do viruses not have a nucleus ?
    How do we become immune to diseases ?

  12. 1. How does the bone marrow produce red blood cells?
    2. Why doesn't the red blood cells go through cell division like other cells?
    3. What happens if you inject blood that is not the same type as those in your body?

  13. 1.How do virus mutate to infect the specific type of system?
    2. What is haemogoblin?
    3.How is it able that through sexual intercourse you will be infected by AIDS?

  14. 1. What will happen if the genes in your body are altered into another animal's genes?
    2. Is it possible to have a fertilised egg to split into another five egg cells?
    3. How do viruses mutate?

  15. 1. Would the world be better if there were no viruses?
    2.What is cancer?
    3.How are Siamese twins formed?

  16. 1. When will scientists find a cure for AIDS?
    2. How do red blood cells transport oxygen?
    3. How come cells can divide?

  17. What are the pros and cons of cloning?
    Is cloning safe for humans?
    How do you clone something or someone?

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  19. -How do viruses take control of other cells?
    -What is the difference between different type of viruses?
    -In what conditions do viruses mutate?

  20. does a virus 'hijack'a human cell to do its bidding?

    2.How do viruses mutate?

    3.Is it true that HIV is a mutated form of flu viruses?

  21. how do viruses mutate
    are viruses dna with protein
    how do viruses reproduce

  22. 1. How do viruses reproduce?
    2. What are the functions of the hemoglobin in the red blood cell?
    3. How do viruses come about?