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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Specialised Cells Research

1. Students (in groups) to research on one of the following cells (e.g., root hair cell, green leaf cell, human muscle cell and human red blood cell).

2. Each student is to reflect the Learning Points of the other cell type (e.g., red blood cell group to reflect on root hair cell group). Please input your Learning Points in the comments by tonight (12 Jan 2010), 2359.

Area of focus:

a. What are the organelles found in the cell?

b. List the structural features of the cell.

c. What are the functions of these organelles?

d. Why are these functions of the organelles important to the living cell?


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  2. 1) Nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, vacuole, cell wall.
    2) They can absorb water well.
    3) They help the plant to take in water from the roots.
    4) These organelles help to hold water taken in by the cells and transports them to other parts of the plant.